Like, whoa. (Trippy dream I had that sounds like a decent starting point for a horror game)

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Like, whoa. (Trippy dream I had that sounds like a decent starting point for a horror game) Empty Like, whoa. (Trippy dream I had that sounds like a decent starting point for a horror game)

Post  MaverickProgrammer on Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:18 am

I had a weird dream on the night of July 28th. As most of my friends may already know, my dreams are always weird but I feel this one was one of the weirdest. Now, what most of them do not know is that when I dream, everything is real. I feel everything I'm touching, I smell everything, etc. It's pretty frightening until I wake up sometimes.

The story:

I became the owner of a business. My father (not in real life) was the owner of a large company. What the company did, I do not recall. As the young entrepreneur I needed to know how cooperate ran the company and what inside information I needed to know. I don't recall what the information was exactly, but as the days went on I came to find out the company had many dark secrets and I could only keep my mouth shut.

Late one night I received a text telling me to head to the office domain for an emergency meeting. Upon arrival, I quickly discovered everything had been knocked around. Windows were broken, tables were flipped, computers were smashed, and various debris littered the floor. Someone was looking for something and I had hoped it wasn't me. Quietly, I made my way to the meeting room where I would hope to find the burglar or pursuer still on the move. To my own relief, everything was silent. It seemed to be a hit-and-go or sheer disappointment that I wasn't there. I made my way to my own office to see it too had been violated the same. Unable to get service with my phone, I tried to locate the emergency 911 dial under my desk. The wires too had been cut. Every measure accounted for. Then I heard someone speak from outside the room.

"I know you're in there. Come on out. There's something we need to discuss."

I inched my way out to see a man sitting on the edge of the railings one floor above, looking down at me. He was in a business suit as well. In fact, I recognized him. He was one of the executives to the company. I can't remember his name though. In fact, I don't recall what anybody called me. I don't remember them calling me "Brian". It's like when I try to remember, everything goes mute (like in the Harry Potter series with tampered memories).

Anyway, the man told me my father had hidden something very, very important inside the building. He told me he searched literally everywhere before giving up and tricking me to come. I told him I had no idea of any secretive possessions. The only secrets I knew of were dishonest trades with other businesses, forged contracts and signings, and a few affiliated back-end profits such as bribed stocks and the like. After he became extremely violent and threatened to shoot me, he realized I really did not know anything else but he could still use me.

He made me follow him deep down into the company subway for a quick transition to one of our production facilities. He tried to make small talk but there wasn't anything for me to talk about. Coming into the business was a shock for me as well as trying to juggle so many clients, current products and projects, and even future projects all the while making sure that the other branches were doing their part and legally. It was like baby-sitting on a larger scale except the only parent you had to see if you screwed up was the court system and how many years you would end up in prison for the dishonest business.

We entered a larger black room. The man told me to enter a small device witch just enough space for a man to stand in. He told me it would release a gas that the test subject would inhale to see "the other places we couldn't normally see". I argued it sounded like a drug and I was never informed of any kind of project under the company's domain. The man in the suit chuckled at me and told me "it wasn't a project"; It's "been finished for a while". When I asked what use it had, he looked at me and said it was "a door".

He made me get in and he was at a terminal for a few seconds before I heard a noise that reminded me of steam filling a metal container behind me. It was cold inside and I was very scared. I couldn't actually trust that this small encasement would be a "door" as he put it but more of an instant shortcut dying. Which I am not ready for by the way. The guy looked back up to me as white gas (looked like steam to me) filled the little device I was in. I was hesitant to breathe but I knew that eventually I would have to breathe anyway. Either way I was inhaling this stuff. Life or death. I guessed death. After my heart-rate was beyond healthy and I felt like I was having a panic attack, the guy told me to relax and that he would join me in a few. Yeah right. Then everything got all blurry and I passed out.

Then I was being woken up.

"Get up." The guy was trying to get me awake. I pushed myself off the ground and opened my eyes. It didn't help at all that the room was as dark as ever besides a few odd glows at the corner of the room. I realized we were back in an office from my branch. More specifically, it was my office. But things didn't look right. Things were darker and everything, even the air, felt damp and cold.

The man explained that we "have now entered another world." As soon asked I asked what kind of world, he explained more specifically, that this world takes the shape and form of the person's conscious. Unfortunately, the darker side of the conscious for security purposes. The man explained this was where my father went to store things he didn't want anybody else to find. The man wanted me to find this object he so desired for him. He told me I would only be able to see it here. It was originally created for my dad. I could see it too since the hallucinogen matches my brain patterns as well.

Alright, so apparently there was a technical side to things which I want to break here and try my best to explain (hell, it's a dream after all. Not everything makes sense.) So this device basically does one thing. It's a kind of hallucinogen. We'd see the darker side to everything that manifests from our mind. We think it's real. However, the other part that doesn't make much scientific sense was that there were some objects that only existed in this mind world and, once found, would exist here as well. I dunno.

Anyway, the guy told me he was going to "fade back" into reality since he didn't give himself as much gas. However, he would help guide me through this world place. It was bizarre. There were people-like things that would manifest from the shadows and try to kill me, objects would move, rooms would start closing in, and etc. It was like Alice in Wonderland, but it's only goal is to kill you. No friendly characters. Just the evil ones and with no comical personas. All just vicious things.

As I made my way throughout the building, soon common furniture like desks or chairs never showed up. Instead, vines and rocks seemed to be popping up everywhere like it was growing. What started like a 60s black and white office building turned into an almost pitch-black swamp. The guy told me what things I would see and how to deal with them and remember that it "sorta wasn't really happening but still kinda was." The object I was looking for would look like a sparkling block of gold in this world.

One specific moment, I remember, these entities were swarming me. I found a long hallway to escape down, in the middle of the room, I could hear the guy tell me there was a weapon I should grab to defend myself. He described it as a particle gun that would dissipate the attacking hallucinations. However, in my mind, it looked like a poisonous snake that kept trying to slither around and bite me. Finally, I gathered enough courage to grab it and hold it straight. It was hard to aim because the snake didn't really like the fact I was holding it by the face and the end-tail. More than once it almost bit me and I dropped the snake and had to wrestle it back in my hands again, but for the most part I was able to "shoot back" at the entities in this shadow place.

Long story short (and it's a long long story) I found this golden object. It felt warm which was nice since everything else had been cold. When I grabbed it, the entities swarmed around me even more than before. Suddenly I felt sharp pains in my shoulder and the darkness kinda bended around and started sucking back into my mind until the room looked like a normal room again. I had a huge headache. The object I had in my hand was this small golden statue. But it wasn't anything company related. In fact, it wasn't even gold. It was plastic. It looked like one of those little plastic awards you get at the end of your eight-year old soccer games in the summer before you get pizza. The sharp pain in my shoulder, I found out, were needles of some sort of quick-anti-serum for the hallucinogens. The guy took the statue from my hand and spun it around in his hands looking for a mark or something. He was upset he couldn't find it. He smashed it at the end of a desk and looked inside to see absolutely nothing. He then accused me of "not getting it" and was about to shoot me.

Then I woke up. Yay.


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