What is Done and what is Not (Programming)

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What is Done and what is Not (Programming)

Post  MaverickProgrammer on Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:15 pm


Mr Caffeine -> He jumps, he shoots, he dies, his health can restore, he can get upgrades. Yay. 100%

Mega Drone -> He has patterns, he shoots bullets, and he has his special move at < 50% hp 100%

Drones -> They're annoying and can chase you through the levels 100%

Spikes -> They hurt you on touch. Nuff said 100%

Coffee -> Can refuel health 100%

Not Done:

Poop On Your Toothe-Paste Man -> No AI at all. Need to do this soon. 0%
Vaas -> Same. No AI yet. 0%

WallMotors -> Basically moving gears that stop periodically. There is a primitive type that bounce up and down. So it's halfway. 50%

Hoppers -> Like hardhats. They are not able to be hit when shielded, but only when they're hopping. 0%

WallTurrets -> They angle towards the player and shoot bullets 0%

. . . . . .

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