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Post  MaverickProgrammer on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:30 pm

Since this is supposed to be short and sweet, I thought I might compress the game into some sort of short storyline:

E3 2011. Mr Caffeine is on stage and he realizes he is not funny because no one put a humor chip in him when he was being built in Ubersoft's labs. To fix this, he travels back in time to Ubersoft before he was created to find out why.

Upon arrival, he is not welcomed. Security Drones and the like attempt to stop him from reaching the center of the facility (Where we all know important things are always kept in the center of large facilities).

Mr Caffeine blasts his way through the level and encounters three bosses:

Mega Drone -> Highpowered version of drones. Hops around and shoots energy disks at player
[Weapon when defeated: Energy disk. Shoots three disks]

Caffeine: "YIKES!"

Poop On Your Toothpaste Man -> A man dressed in a toothepaste costume. He throws poo. Nothing pisses Mr Caffeine off than poo on his toothepaste.
[WWD: Poop. Very explosive.]

POYTM: "You will go no further or this battle will be very long and hard! Turn back now!"
Caffeine: "I'm not afraid of a few dick jokes."

Vaas -> 2D version of Vaas from Far Cry 3.
[WWD: none]

Before battle ***
Vaas: "Hah! Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? I may have. I tend to forget."
Caffeine: "We have an epic fail right here"

After battle ***
Vaas: "You really think you were the first one to travel back in time for your humor? You really are insane."

Tom Cuhlancy: "I built you Caffeine. Not to be a comedian, but to be a war machine!"

At this point in time a mega drone enters the room and transforms into Mr Caffeine.

Tom Cuhlancy: "You were a prototype. And as a prototype, you will be eliminated."
Caffeine: "OVER MY JOY-WAND." [He shoots and destroys the faulty mega-drone which causes a system melt-down]

At this point of the game, the player navigates over various pits as a bunch of Mr Caffeine Clones chase him through the building.


Ubersoft is destroyed of all its evilness.
Mr Caffeine knows his true identity.

But Tom Cuhlancy lives on.

Tom Cuhlancy: BWAHAHA.


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